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2009 NB Heart Centre Health Improvement Challenge

The New Brunswick Heart Centre is launching a new workplace wellness initiative. The competition runs from January 2009 until June 2009 and has been dubbed the “2009 New Brunswick Heart Centre Health Improvement Challenge”. This program has been developed by a team of cardiologists, including Dr. Greg Searles, Dr. Rob Stevenson, and Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial, with support provided by Trudy Arbo, Sue Morris, Cleo Cyr and Francine Bordage (pharmacy, nursing and administration).

This program is designed as a competition, enrolling five teams of participants in a friendly challenge to improve cardiovascular health. Teams will be assessed at baseline for factors such as weight, waist circumference, lipid profiles and blood pressure, and over the course of 6 months will try to improve upon these starting levels with a combination of lifestyle interventions. In June, results will be tabulated, with prizes awarded for both individual and team accomplishments. Following this, ongoing maintenance efforts will be encouraged to maintain the benefits long-term.

The program embraces the concept of leading by example: setting a good example for our colleagues and patients by encouraging the adoption and maintenance of an active and healthy lifestyle. We will not necessarily enforce any one diet or exercise program. Instead, each team will have a physician leader who will work with his team to individualize a program for enacting healthy changes. General principles of healthy diet and exercise will be taught through a series of seminars co-ordinated by the cardiac rehabilitation program.

The Cardiac Health and Wellness program has organized a series of TGIF lectures regarding various topics related to overall health and wellness to be run throughout the duration of the competition.

NB HC Health Improvement Challenge Lecture Series 2009

For more information regarding the NB Heart Centre health improvement challenge, please see the New Brunswick Heart Centre Website at