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CRNB Continuing Education Tutorial: Bridging the Gap


The CRNB Continuing Education Tutorial is offered in the spirit of collaborative knowledge exchange by a group of dedicated health care professionals. A registration fee is not required to review the tutorial however resource books and registration to other websites, as indicated throughout the tutorial, may be required for optimum learning and have been summarized in the Costs section.

Once you have completed the tutorial please feel free to challenge your knowledge by taking the Exam. A certificate will be issued upon completion.

We invite you to browse the tutorial and send comments to as we continue to modify and develop this valuable resource.


To foster knowledge exchange in the field of cardiac rehabilitation and cardiovascular disease prevention. 

Program Description
  • The education program consists of three sections with a total of 11 self-directed learning modules.
  • Emphasis has been placed on practical applications of the acquired knowledge.
  • Level of complexity of course content is set at an undergraduate level.

Program Objectives
  • To provide an orientation framework for health care professionals new to multidisciplinary and multifactorial cardiac rehabilitation programs.
  • To enhance knowledge exchange and transfer in the area of cardiac rehabilitation and chronic disease management.
Target Audience Health Care professionals who are
  • New to the area of Cardiac Rehabilitation.
    • Tutorial may serve as a workplace orientation for new staff.
  • Currently working with cardiac rehabilitation patients and looking to increase or update knowledge base.
  • Working in areas of chronic disease management and population health.
  • University students enrolled in kinesiology or other exercise physiology courses.
  • Interested and eligible to prepare for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) clinical certifications and/or Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Certified Exercise Physiologist Certification.